A Friend Is Never More Than A Phone

call away.
A friend, in time of need always has something
very comforting to say.
A friend is someone who will always
A friend is always there willing to give a
helping hand.
A friend, regardless of race, job, or
A friend always has a giving love that is
so tender.
A friend is always with you sharing in your sorrows.
A friend is always there willing to help you
through all of your tomorrows.
If everyone were a friend no more fear in the
dark we would need.
If everyone were a friend we would never again
see such a thing as greed.
Would it not be great if we had a great friendship
in everyone we meet.
Would it not be great where ever we went it would
always be a friend in the next seat.
Who is a true friend and why is he so great?
There is only one way a true friend can have a
number one rate.
A true friendship is centered around our number
one need.
And that is our greatest friend of all,
Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, indeed!

by Jerry Wise

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So true, good job jerry, mind if I tell a friend of mine that poem, it will probably inspire them as much as it did me.