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Amorous Feelings In Summer And Autumn
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Amorous Feelings In Summer And Autumn



Amorous Feelings In Summer And Autumn

Going or staying no intention
a carefree bird
Proceed or step back freely
the tranquil wind

In the autumn gully
the pine waves scared a guest's dream
In the summer city
the willow catkins
moved your feeling

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Langston Hughes


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I loved this and it is so true....wonderful read and write!
Long, but strong.........
Interesting insight, yet friendship to me, is more of a simple thing. That is, if one can let it in.
Yes, I get it Herbert. Nice sentiments. A ten from me too
Thanks to all who liked it and said so. Special thanks to Linda who is now on my list of people who have been rated lovely, astute, smart, kind. So Sandra, you have company but I still love you best. H
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