A Friend (Judith)

A very overwhelming surprise
For my firend who is truly nice
Pretty, lovely, intelligent and wise
Truly a gem in the eyes of guys

My beloved friend so cool
Friendly, caring and beautiful
Makes my day wonderful
To you Judith I am so grateful

A friend everybody will be glad
A friend who never gets mad
Makes me forget being sad
A friend now that I happily had

A friend I have know thru internet
Is truly indeed a great poet
Had never met in person yet
But feels like we already met

For my eyes you are a jade
Whose shine will never fade
Whose value can never be paid
I'm glad someone like you were made

A friend who have strong faith
In poem writing is truly great
Your poems are indeed top rate
Reading them is worth the wait

You truly have a great talent
No doubt its heaven sent
To the right person it went
As its for you where its meant

My friend day and night
Never get tired to write
Whatever it is in her sight
Her ideas are truly bright

by Judith Kempis

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Nice poem. Rich in depth and imagery. Beautifully conceived. I rate it 10. Thanks for sharing..... Please read and rate my poem 'A humble complaint' on page 2.