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A Friend Left Behind
MM (3/16/60 / Macungie, PA.)

A Friend Left Behind

The bottle, in his bathroom
pills pink and white
begging for resolution
an empty bottle, his light

He left this world
as his rock n' roll friends did

He left this world
from the hands that always hit
the unmade bed, the dirty dishes
and garbage
he did forget

When he left this world
he left behind
the screaming, drugs
beatings and very little hugs

The pills now gone
and so was the pain
his breath faded quickly
he heard God, faintly, cry in vain

His soul gave way to death
while I was overseas
I prayed that God did see
of all things he left behind
the most he missed
was me

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This was such a touching and sad write. Another life gone due to lack of a good beginning and a never able to get passed the ghost. Never to have the loving arms and hands; but the opposite. He got tired, I suppose, got tired. This writing is touching and I am sure he was thinking of you who he only missed. This was well written and feels to be to be a real write; if so, I am very sorry for your loss. If not it was a very good write on showing how lives are often lost because someone refused to show love.