A Friend Let Go

There is this friend
I used to know
We were best friends
In fourth and fifth grade
Until you had to move away

But we promised each other
That we’d write letters
Said we could still be best friends
Friends forever
But that’s not how it ended

We would send notes
Every few weeks
Waiting to see what all we wrote
It was going just fine
But only for a little while

Until I stopped writing them
But what was the reason?
I don’t even know
What was I thinking then?
But now its too late

I haven’t talked to you
Seen you, or heard from you
In nearly five years-
All those years,
We could be so near

There is this friend,
I used to know
There is this friend,
But I’ve let her go

(This poem is dedicated to Autumn G. who was my best friend for several years but has now moved. I really wish i knew where she was or where she lived to get back in contact with her.)

by Rachel Blank

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this is kinda sad.but its good
You are a tribute to this wretched world.