A Friend Like You

You always listen to me
and understand what i do or say,
you always stand by me
and never go away.

My happiness has a lock,
and you are the key,
you keep my secrets closed,
and never let them free.

I always doubted on my luck,
cause it was never on a high,
but when i thought about you,
a soft breeze just went by.

How fortunate i am,
till now i never knew,
to have in my life
a friend like you........

Thank you for being my friend!

by Richard Howardson

Comments (5)

This is a good poem from the soul. Great.
good, suraj...that is the right attitude towards a friend...the second stanza stands out more beautifully
Nice poem i give it a 10!
WOOOOOOOOOW what a lovely poem! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! good words...heart touching...keep on writing..lovely poem...pl. do check on my poems in your free time..bye
'Thank you for being my friend! ' Lovely Poem... Colin J... Thank you for being my friend!