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Unrequinted Love Hurts..

Do you know what it's like...
What it's like to knodw that your beloved one will never chase you back?
Do you know..
What it's like to be in an unrequinted love? ?
Do you understand..
Understand what it's like to try to move on? ?
You don't understand the pain it causes you when that person who was everything...
Not want to see you.
You don't know what its like..
To see yourself slowly slipping away..
When your holding on by your fingernails.
You don't want to know the thoughts that go into your head when you see the cause of your misery..
You can't even begin to understand the..
difficulty in breathing when your lungs are about to burst.
Unrequinted love hurts..

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A beautiful poem. You are obviously a person who places a high value on good friends.