A Friend Remembers

For with each friend that goes your memory shares
And around each corner is a new friend that cares
They are all fortunate to have you as a friend
One who will not forget even at the end
A joyous reunion it will be
When in paradise we will all be joined with thee
from your friend that wears a few hats herself: O)

by JoJo Bean

Comments (6)

I've ran out of words for your poems, but somehow felt a need to comment anyway, to let you know I appreciate your writting :) keep it up n stay blessed.
It's nice when we have friends we can keep forever.
You have expressed the heart of friendship is this beautiful piece. I'm sure your friend must have been charmed by your wonderful words - as are all of us who share this lovely piece. love, Allie xxxx
A friend remembered...thank you for these comforting words.
JoAnn, this is so beautiful, really, really beautiful. I know the friend you talk about here. I also know that he feels so lucky to have a friend like you. He also wishes that you lived a little closer so he could give you a big hugs now and then. From the man who you declares that wears many hats. Dodgy Dave
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