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A Friend's Broken Heart

My heart broken friend told me that the day you were gone,
The sun was hiding behind the cloud all day long,
Too sorrow for his miserable love to turn on its floodlight
And let the rain mourning the whole sky.
At night, the moon refused to show its beauties,
And seemingly, all life ceased to be.
When you were gone, everything was gone,
And he wished that he had never been born.
He ran into many lovely girls eventually,
Some of them did love him truly,
But his heart could not respond the way he had felt for you
As he is still in deep love with you and will ever be.
He tried to believe that time would come to his rescue,
But even after over a year of sorrows and cries,
And our picture smeared with his fears nights after nights,
His heart could never leave yours no matter how hard he had tried.
Then, a really nice girl who had a heavy crush on him came by,
But he told me, on his sick bed, before he died
That, when he tried to kiss her for the first time,
He felt like kissing you as his heart had no more place but your own image.

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Very well done! There can only be one! The poem relays that emotion.