A Friend Than A Stranger

Whenever I see you
at the hallway or at the street
My heart constantly
do the crazy beat

And every time I try
talking to you
I find myself
just walking through

I'd love to say 'hi'
or just..'hello'
But then in front of you
my words never flow

Your eyes are so amazing
You are very alluring
Your smile is unforgettable
Your refined attitude is a very good example

I blush when you're at sight
heart's trembling fast, almost every night
And if you notice I don't know
but there are things that needs to blow

Although friends is all that we could ever be
still I want you to be a part of me
I'd rather choose to be a friend
than a stranger till the end

by AJ Atlas

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A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever - John Keats. A lovely romantic poem written with conviction to capture the spark and glow in the heart of the poet occasioned by bliss of love. A nice piece indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
Innocent, naive look at love from a distance, afraid to let it be known. Very well said with shy emotion. Adorable poem. Love it. Thank you for sharing, RoseAnn