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A Friend That Is True

The best human friendships can be fickle why otherwise pretend
But you treat your dog well and he or she will remain as your friend
For in your dog you do have a friend that is true
Your dog until death remains as a friend to you

For a few kind words and a few pats and two feeds a day
Your dog as your truest friend to you will stay
The human flaws you have your dog does not see
With the saying your best friend is your dog i cannot disagree

There is so much about dogs that one can admire
And of singing their praises i never could tire
Your dog's love for you is unconditional humans are not this way
That your dog never stops loving you in truth one can say

You may lose the love of your children and the love of your wife
But your dog is the one who will love you for life
You treat your dog well and in loyalty and love you it will repay
Dogs are loyal and trustworthy they are born this way

That a dog's behavior does mirror it's master one would have to suppose
The one with a vicious dog is one not without foes
You treat your dog with kindness and as your friend it will stay
Until it's last living breath of it's life's final day.

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