A Friendly Match

Poem By vijay gupta

A friendly match
It was dark night.
Match between the team night & the fire-flies were to start.
Stars were twinkling in the sky
And were looking like the great audience.
A curved shaped moon was also brightening in the sky & looking like the referee of the match.
Match start at 8 P.M
There was a horror of team night at the ground (earth) .
The team of fire-flies was also ready to fight the match at the ground;
Game starts.
Both teams were playing their good game.
Team night was spreading darkness in the ground.
And the team of fire-flies also trying to finish the darkness by twinkling like stars on the ground
Match went on whole the night.
At 4 A.M the team night came on back foot.
And at 6 A.M team of fire-flies was declared the winner.
Now it became early morning.
Mr. Moon, the match referee went away to the dressing room.
And the audience (stars) disappeared at once after the match.

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wow..what a poem full packed with imagery.........great!
very beautiful, alot of great imagery

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