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A Friendly Stranger
FD Francis Duggan ( / )

A Friendly Stranger

I met a woman in San Remo she was in her mid thirties maybe
Her snow white teeth visibly sparkled when she smiled saying good day to me
Shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes her bare arms and legs from the sunshine bronzed brown
A woman of exotic beauty perhaps from a tropical Town.

Amazing how a friendly stranger can bring happiness to your day
Though with a smile a friendly how are you is all to me that she did say
But to a crusty older fellow like me a friendly hello and a smile
From a beautiful young female stranger make living life seem so worthwhile.

Had she chosen for to ignore me and had she made sure our eyes did not meet
I would have said such a snobby person so full of her own self conceit
But the friendly smile and hello made a difference and as they say a smile does not cost a thing
She made me feel two decades younger and the joybells in my heart did ring.

A friendly hello from a stranger is so good for one's self esteem
And if everyone were friendly to you an Earthly Utopia would not be a dream
For I have met so many strangers who chose not to acknowledge me
Though a wise old woman once told me that ourselves in others we see.

I met her by the sea in San Remo with a warm and fiendly smile on her face
On a bright and sunny Sunday in January and my World seemed a much brighter place
A moment that is now one more memory but a memory with me that will long remain
It was so nice to meet a friendly stranger though her and I may never meet again.

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