A Frightened Little Mouse

I am just a little mouse and scared as I can be
As I wonder what the future holds in store for me.
I am scared of that silent killer that steals up quietly,
And I know that when it comes, it will be the end of me.

If it was something I could see, I'd know just what to do.
But when I cannot see it, it sneaks right up on you.
Those germs of that disease seem to be just everywhere,
And they'll get me in the end, even though I take great care.

Oh, I wish we had some coyotes, so they would eat the sick, you see,
Then the sick would all be gone, and couldn't bring those germs to me.
If it was just a few coyotes, I could watch and run and hide
But those awful, awful germs, are right here by my side.

Now those coyotes have been gone from here for many years, you see
So I suppose those awful germs will soon put an end to me.
Now I'll say goodbye to you, even though I'm young and having fun
As I know those germs will get me as from them I cannot run.

by Clinton Hassett

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