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A Frightful Dream

A Frightful Dream


I took lids off my eyes
At dawn in a frightful dream
Jumped out of my bed
Ran straight to the window
I saw every hill around burning
I found every house set on fire
I saw within me fire ablaze
My love, my passion on fire
My existence, my dreams on fire
Fire burning within me,
How can you feel from outside
The burns of my soul
I embrace the burning fire
Ravaging and devastating inferno
Spread across the firmament
I can feel. I alone, yes I can
I am the fire I am what it burns
I am witness to this fire
I am he who lit this mysterious fire
Smokeless and flameless!
To shine and brighten all around
Like the sun in the sky
My love burns in my heart
Roasting it ike a Kabab
On the glowing embers of love
I shall rise again from my ashes
Like a phoenix have a new life
To keep moving cycle of my life
I vow not to get lost in fanā
Never! Never! Never!
Baqabillah is the real time for me


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