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Welling Kattaney (The Gypsy Love-Tryst)

Welling Kattaney

Coin si deya, coin se dado?
Pukker mande drey Romanes,
Ta mande pukkeravava tute.
Rossar-mescri minri deya!
Vardo-mescro minro dado!
Coin se dado, coin si deya?
Mande's pukker'd tute drey Romanes;
Knau pukker tute mande.
Petuiengro minro dado!
Purana minri deya!
Tatchey Romany si men -
Mande's pukker'd tute drey Romanes,
Ta tute's pukker'd mande.

The Gypsy Love-Tryst
Who's your Mum? And who's your Dad?
Talk to me in Romanes
And I'll answer you right back.
My Mum's a Hearne!
My Dad's a Cooper!
Who's YOUR Mum? Who's YOUR Dad?
I've answered you in Romanes:
Now you can answer me.
My Dad's a Smith!
My Mum's a Lee!
True Romanis are both of us -
Since I've asked you in Romanes,
And you've answered me.

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