We Are Family

Poem By Michael J. Burt

Contemptuous of his home beyond
The village and the village-pond,
A large-souled Frog who spurned each byway
Hopped along the imperial highway.

Nor grunting pig nor barking dog
Could disconcert so great a Frog.
The morning dew was lingering yet,
His sides to cool, his tongue to wet:
The night-dew, when the night should come,
A travelled Frog would send him home.

Not so, alas! The wayside grass
Sees him no more: not so, alas!
A broad-wheeled waggon unawares
Ran him down, his joys, his cares.
From dying choke one feeble croak
The Frog's perpetual silence broke: -
‘Ye buoyant Frogs, ye great and small,
Even I am mortal after all!
My road to fame turns out a wry way;
I perish on the hideous highway;
Oh for my old familiar byway!’

The choking Frog sobbed and was gone;
The Waggoner strode whistling on.
Unconscious of the carnage done,
Whistling that Waggoner strode on -
Whistling (it may have happened so)
‘A froggy would a-wooing go.’
A hypothetic frog trolled he,
Obtuse to a reality.

O rich and poor, O great and small,
Such oversights beset us all.
The mangled Frog abides incog,
The uninteresting actual frog:
The hypothetic frog alone
Is the one frog we dwell upon.

Comments about We Are Family

'Such oversights beset us all' - yes, but such oversights cause death to the down under.
‘A froggy would a-wooing go.’ A hypothetic frog trolled he, Obtuse to a reality.. O rich and poor, O great and small, Such oversights beset us all.....wonderful; nowadays we are living like the fate of the Frog! ! ! - excellent poem penned
Weren't there so many highways in her day? The poetess called it " ïmperial highway" Is this poem an indictment of the hustle and bustle of the highway? The poet says many words about the death of a frog run over by a truck or just a large car. We as readers now consider the fact that the motorway offers advantages, but is not that safe. Congratulations for this honour to the family of the late poetess. Thank you for sharing.
An interesting poem. Well composed.
Carnage done! ! Hideous Highway! ! ! ! Alone, Struggling for survival. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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