GW (June 11 1962/ / London Ontario Canada)

A Frozen Door!

My Heart
a frozen door
closed by the hands of greed

A moment
one has chose
to shackle and chain down

My Heart
an open door
by one I have never met

will never change
the miracle she performed........

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I'm envious, this is one of the poems I've read here in poemhunter that I'll say worth a phrase such as; 'A poem well written, thanks for sharing' and leaving all the objective criticism of its poetic devices valid use. lol. Truly simple, sound, smooth idea wraps around the entire text, the whole play of words. Keep it up! Daffodil
My Heart An Open Door For just You and Me Lovely Geoff.Where are you, my friend? Love...TO
I love the simplicity of this piece of poetry. Also the title made me want to read it and see what it was about 'A frozen door! ' Great work and very much a poem that has much meaning and great imagery! Keep up the good work. Shelley
What an excellent title! You are a fine wordsmith. Kindest regards, Sandra
I have my own take on this one, I'm not 100% sure if I'm right, but of course it's what it means to me the reader isn't it. A truly beautiful piece of writing, I enjoyed the read and will probably come back and read it again and again. Fabulous. Melvina
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