A Frozen Moment

Poem By elle ...

Everyday is the same day
Doing the usual things people do
Saying the things I’m supposed to say
Hiding the face I have inside
A face representing the thoughts I have

Ridiculous messages sent by empty channels
Manipulating minds to follow their rhyme
Carrying nothing but distraction
And every minute I waste listening to someone else
I lose a grip of hope I have in mind

As I freeze and watch the moments go by
I lose my self to time, while
I wonder about everything that’s
Spinning around me, planning and dreaming
Of a future not yet to come

This is my time, this is the life
Wasted, abused but not in use
This is the way I spend my days & nights
Have potentials but need some rules
To mark a starting point and draw the line
Then follow the signs as I go

One minute hope overwhelms me
The next, I’m over taken by fear and tears
That brings the sadness to my life

Have you been there?
Or am I the only one who’s
Trapped in a frozen moment
Surrounded by ticking machines

Louder and louder they tick
But only I could hear them, inside this head of mine

Racing against time, I stop
And take a look back at my life
As I find it written in a book of memories
Told by a person who was once me

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