A Fun In Holiday Beach!

Taking bath in the salt water of sea in the beach
People go to take clean water shower bath ever..!
Double bath they take dancing by the jolly music
To have great fun wit friends in holiday beach..!

Tsunami has made sea water rough ever making it
Very difficult to swim or take bath in the deep!
The beauty of the sea invites all to plunge in it
To swim and enjoy a good bath for a longtime there!

But warning boards hanging everywhere near beach
No one seems to mind after seeing the swaying beauty
The sea makes by the dancing waves endless forever
And teasing waves rush to kiss the shore and recede!

Lovers from all over the world gather there like a
Great whirlpool immersed in romance far away from
Their places to forget in love and live sometime in
Fun and joy nowhere one can think of in the world!

Beauty and danger lurking there in the beach ever,
People spend a lot time enjoying the sea breeze and
The snacks they carry to have on the beach sand
Taking videos and photos to remember the joy for long!

by Ramesh T A

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Such a nice write..... Full of excitement.... I would like you read my poem LET ME RISE too....deserves 10 +++ Naila 😃😃