You Were The Best Mother


Twenty years ago this week you died,
It was such a shock, I cried and cried.
But deep in my heart, it didn't feel as if you had just died.
To me your illness took away my Mother, .
And left some one else there, another
Someone who didn't even know the time of day
or even what day it was, Monday or Saturday.
You couldn't even make a cup of tea,
let alone keep your flat, like it used to be.
You phoned me constantly day and night.
I tried to get to see you, with all of my might.
But I couldn't do it, not then at all,
then you had that dreadful fall.
You didn't know what agoraphobia was.
I couldn't tell you well, because.
You hated the home we had to put you in,
but by then you couldn't do a thing.
Alzhiemer's, senile dementia, i’m not
even sure what you had.
All I know is, it was very bad
It of my mother so many years
before she actually died..
We couldn't get through to you,
no matter how hard we tried.
You lived in a little, world of your own,
making us all feel so alone.
You used to be so clever, so strong, so true,
Then just look what this illness did to you.
you used to knit, sew all our clothes you did make,
everything we ate, you did bake.
When you were younger such good jobs you had.
like ten whole years at the Nat.West.Bank.
before the war.
Then seven years nursing the soldiers during the war.
After you married and had us two.
You still worked so hard, so much to do,
For years you ran the taxi business we had.
throughout the good and even the bad.
I had to answer the phone at four years of age
(Haywood’s taxi’s) I would say,
Then our business folded through,
you still worked so hard' so much to do.
With my father you managed the (Bridgford Wine stores)
on Melton Road, West Bridgford, for many years,
Then on parliament street to
(Smith Englefield) you went
, You worked there for many years
until to (Gem) you were sent
You worked so hard, all of your life,
A wonderfull Mother, a wonderfull Wife
You were the best Mother, anyone could have had,
until your illness, made everything so bad,
So please god in heaven above,
Please send my Mother all our love.


by Pat Dring

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Beautifully written so soulfully sad and profound..
Lorina, your idea rhyms with what is in my mind, as a poet we focus things with a very different ideas and our thoughts contrast the first hand reality. to critize it i darely see the need to mourn.try to analyse my poem stay away from my will tell you of hypocrisy which befalls the beneficiaries. As a poet, i disagree with the fact that one should be buried on an expensive coffin, while those left go starving. Kevin you can also have a look at it
This poem encouraged me a lot. It comes my way the right time as mum has just transited. great poem
WONDERFUL! Have an inner strength!
What utter balderdash! This is sheer fantasy - there is not the tiniest bit of evidence of any of it. The idea that parents should not weep because of the death of their child is baloney. We all know in our heart of hearts that when someone dies that is the end of them, that is why we mourn. If we really believed in Wheatley's silly myth then we would indeed be wrong in mourning. Contrast this with the recent Catullus poem. Who is right Wheatley or Catullus?
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