A Furture Glimpes

running on the beach
felling the sand between my toes
I see you get down on your knees
you hold my hand and smile gazing into my eyes
you put your hand behide your back
out you pull a tiny jewerly box
My heart beats fast
Then comes out thoses wonderful words
'Will You Marry Me? '
My heart stops
I'm speachless
then i finally tell you Yes!
you get up and hold me tight
I blush and smile finally realizing
my dreams came true
then everything went to a blurr
I wake up
Noticing it was just only a dream,
It felt so real,
everything seems so real
is it real?
could it be real?
maybe a glimpes of the furture
who knows
only I can tell when it gets there.

~Love always,

by Hali Curtis

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