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A Future Day
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A Future Day

I think about the future,
And I wonder about our life.
To much hate for one planet,
To much fear.

I missed the announcement
That love had died,
I missed her funeral,
I hope it was nice.

The masses cling to faith,
While the homeless
Cling to paper sacks,
Filled with empty dreams,
Fading, like old yellow newspapers,
In the rain.

In the future,
There will be a day,
When life
Will be worth more than greed;
And paper sacks,
Are just paper sacks.
I hope it comes soon.

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Comments (3)

Truly a good thought Short little burst of wonderfull thoughts thats good
Good morning sandra, you are like everyone hoping for a better world nice people hope for a better world, bad people want to make it worse myself i want to make sure i have a good supply of brown paper bags with ruby red lips painted on them, so i can kiss them good night Good night sandra good nightttttttttttt With a lovely warmth allannnnn
Great poem, Sandra! Welcome back. Very pertinent to our times, thoughts are right up my ally. H