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A Gadget Man

Here's an old story of the gadget man
he came like a storm, wonders in hand
it all happened in a smoke and flash
the marigold stranger, eyes hid under cap

He came from the land of the three-eyed monkey
he came from the land of the talking lamb
where dreams are reality and reality is a dream
you can grab a star there, if you dare

And everyone with sense realized
a disguise one would despise
especially with deceptive eyes
but Harvey, who wished to prove him right
in buying an item of the peddler's delight

And the people everywhere couldn't believe
Harvey bought something no one could see
until Harvey stood up to the crowd
I'll never forget the words he spoke out loud

He said, 'Can't you see?
It's got amethysts and silver
gold and bronze
spinning lights, dancing lights,
and shooting stars! '

Then the gadget man, he rose in a fury
stomping, screaming, yelling surely
he'd been had, that's a fact
he demanded the trinket back

At first what happened didn't relate
an uncommon twist of fate
an uncommon fancy of imagination
dancing lights all in syncopation
spinning lights, free form lights a lump of sand!

That's the story of the gadget man
he came into town, wonders in hand
only to leave with a pile of sand
You can fool all the people some of the time
some of the people most of the time
but you can't see a THING if your soul doesn't shine

Look out now for the gadget man
coming to your town, promise the moon
listen to me, while you still can
because if he wants to sell to you
The invisible gift means different things
believing is the key to what you see

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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Awesome! ! ! : D Really an awesome poem.