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A Game
BB (1st January 1969 / New Delhi)

A Game

Poem By Bindu Borle

Once I lost all hopes
Then someone came along
Put his arms around me, gave me faith
Told me to trust him in bad times, good times.
I sat all confused
Thinking to believe or not
So very skeptical
Weighing the pros and cons
Deciding not to doubt anyone
Life is not always a dirty game
The moment I looked up
My eyes started to search for him
I was brutally brushed aside
Emotions don’t exist
And sentiments belong to weak
I was told
You should be more business like
Curt and rude
Dry and unapproachable
There I stood
Trying to synchronize the two things
What is the value of sentiments and emotions
I said to myself
It is a part of life
The black and white…

Copyright © 2006, Bindu Borle

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Comments (3)

One should lose something to win something. This is part of the game also part of life.. There is no win or loss always. It is a game of chance for any one who plays a game.
The dilema of feeling or unfeeling. In this choice I would choose to be human. Very good and revealing poetry say I.
Great! I like your style!