Poem By Edward Kofi Louis

A Garden, The Sycamore Seed.

Butterflies I view them happily mating and retreating.

Flamboyant caterpillar, overtaking a smooth moving snail.

Spider cocoons into the wind blowing, a new generation.

A bullfrog astride giant lily leaves, a love call croaking.

The sycamore seed, in an autumn sun floating helicopters.

Sunflowers tall proud standing caressing silver clouds.

A garden of blooming flowers, sweet perfumed fragrance.

Soft reflections kiss, each lingering, images whispering.

Juicy red ripe cherries in two's hanging enticingly from trees.

Children playing happy, enjoying a picnic, yackety-yak-yak.

A rainbow with its outstanding vivid cascading bright colours.

An ever cheeky garden gnome our dog just loves drenching.

Comments about Wakye

You have looked at things which, maybe mundane for some, have brought out the poetry in you. Floating helicopters? I like that. And there is humour too, in the last line. A delightful garden, Anthony. Love, Fran xx

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