The Sun And The Moon Of Man

The rays of the sun and moon and stars that align.
The rays of the Sun that remains as far and wide.
The rays of the Sun that gives life to those that think and plan.
The rays of the Sun, that plants the rivers so He can drink and stand.

For He is of the Sun that stood forever stark.
until the days of His unaltered ways, misled to some be, dark.
The Earth and moon and stars grow ever glum with stride.
Remember that it is Man, who prides himself glad, with sin, this ride.

Shadowy realms follow Him as He greedily stays.
Just remember this, He bathes within His own untarnished rays.

by Michael Gale

Comments (2)

I like this, Daniel, giving form to memory connected to and summoned by the return to a place. Particularly delightful to me is Grass stalks your footsteps flattened have lifted themselves in anticipation of your return. I imagine Walt would be pleased with this turn of phrase.-Glen
peace, beauty, and goodness. don't we all wish, perhaps unawares, for all of these? And i'll add one: money! My words vanish..............but it really isn't so! i see more words. the poem is a little high-class for bri, but bri liked it anyway. the title and first word (Kathinka) are a bit too cryptic alsa. have a nice year upcoming. bri :)