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A Gathering Of Tumbleweeds
RRG (January 31st / Hollywood, CA)

A Gathering Of Tumbleweeds

a gathering of tumbleweeds
hesitated, trembling aside the highway’s edge

until an odd,
hot-breathed little wind scampered by

and sent these airy, bouncing skeletons
of a dry and blue new mexico

somersaulting, racing
through the dusty roads and fields

of desert wintertime

(2004, Los Lunas, New Mexico)

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This is nice imagery. It's set in New Mexico, but it reminds me of parts of the California desert also. Well-done!
Nature, a derivation of Natural...quite apropos, as you appear to indeed be a natural w/ thy plumme! I like this a lot, as i feel i have ben accosteed(on my own admission) on your aztec jaunt... NOTE: I noticed that our recent resident ignorance, has ''oned' you(see your rating box) don't pay any mind, as none of us do...Nice Work, Reverand'''''''''''''''''''''''{ F j R }