A Gentle Refresh...

let takes always
a vow, to refinish the
dirt coated in the clean skin
and gripe the
wisdom of your patience,
as the time counted the last day of
every smile desire

pray to the Lord that commitment
hold on to the tip toe of
slippery road of breathe, for the
world hurdle always the coming day of
the final judgment, before the
sitting of the sun

command the bosom heart
to what the heart wanting
to live; neither stops every dew to
fall in each day break than to
wait the meltdown cone
to rise again

pasture on the milk of the womb
of every mother navel, the
golden cool palm

by Antonio Liao

Comments (1)

What a great feeling of refresh! Friend your 'Wisdom of patience' made me think for a long time. Wonderfully written. Thanks for sharing it. Marks 10