(July 30,1967 / Subic, Philippines)

A Gentle Touch And Loving Care

L-onely evening has faded,
Y-our birth brings gladness;
N-ight cold chill is over, as the dusk drifts into darkness.

L-ights in the sky shine,
Y-es, the sun starts to rise;
N-o longer I see the shadows, for the twilight passes from eyes.

M-ist and haze disappear,
A-pril tenth brightens the day;
N-ew dawn has just broken,
U-sing its beacon and ray.
E-arly morn makes you smile, as it promises a fresh air;
L-et your life be bathed with breeze, a gentle touch and loving care.

by Bernard F. Asuncion

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Birth day verse in wonderful Acrostic.