A Gentleman

A gentleman always keeps promise,
When situations demand he compromise
To keep his loved one safe and secure
Doing this sometimes he has suffer and endure.

A gentleman is always loyal and faithful,
He is open, honest and truthful,
He does not abandon his old friends
Nor forget his past, he humbles to the ends.

A gentleman has respect to everyone,
He treats men, women and kids as one
And keep door open to all.
He apologizes and appreciates all.

A gentleman doesn’t swear in public,
He has safe limits of alcoholic,
He avoids using slang and such words,
He knows serious jokes hurts like swords.

A gentleman will not sleep around
With any girl or lady he has found
He has self respect and his rules.
He never argues with fools.

A gentleman avoids putting others down
To elevate himself to the crown.
He put family above self interest,
To others welfare he does his best.

A gentleman put his personalities on check,
To avoid character and life wreck.
To any man who wish to be a gentleman,
Rules are above to implement your plan.

by Kinyua Karanja

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