Poem Hunter
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)


It was a declaration,
a non-hesitating speech
winding circles and circles around careless people
But the words only wanted you
It seems denial is an art
or so you claim
and your name is known for being oblivious
Inbetween the clanging of forks
and the mouthfuls of food
We come to realize there's so much more
So if this does the trick
to scare you like a ghost in the basement
then there's so much yet to be learned
For it was only a declaration,
a figure of speech
framed and stationed in just the right light
or so I thought.
But I have thought many a-things
and I know the snowflakes have too
As they dissolve on the streets outside the buidling
I wonder if conversation would be better with them
Because as I go on speaking my declaration of hearts,
my song of the serene,
I try to see past your facial expressions
and dig under your skin
for I have no idea what's bubbling under the surface

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nicely done. it is in this day and age hard to please or be polite to any stranger that you see. fuss they may and try you might a gentleman is always right.
An absolute treasure of a poem! Lovely read.; D
My parent taught me to be a gentleman, and I extend it everyone. An act of kindness not always returned. Alas that is how it goes.....you are so right on with this poem. Thanks for sharing Michael
ENOUGH SAID! thank you im goin home now! lol! this poem deserves a billboard and thts that! love the way u pen the way people [esp the so-called 'feminists', do they realise wat sexists n haters they r actually? ] deceive themselves by tryin to take away the very simple things tht made men men and women women! word
This poem was amazing, amazing I tell, I really loved it
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