IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

A Gentlemans View

I hold the door open for you
a simple act of courtesy
This any gentleman would do.
To you I act insultingly.

Because you simply do not know
how a true lady should react
and the hostility you show.
Just demonstrates this sorry fact.

How sad it is this should be so
That Feminists can only see
Politeness as another blow
against their female dignity.

A lady knows how to accept
such a proffered courtesy
She feels entitled to expect
to be treated courteously

I do not say that feminists
cannot be ladies. I dare not
I am quite sure some must exist
In my experience not a lot

I will still act the gentleman
I know that ladies understand
I act this way to show I can
Be as polite as any man.

So if my manners cause offence
It is something I regret.
But perhaps I might influence
Some feminists so they forget.

Their attitude towards all men
is fuelled by their ignorance.
I hope that they will think again
There might just be the slightest chance.

I recognise equality
I merely choose to be polite
If you prefer hostility
It is your choice you have the right.


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nicely done. it is in this day and age hard to please or be polite to any stranger that you see. fuss they may and try you might a gentleman is always right.
An absolute treasure of a poem! Lovely read.; D
My parent taught me to be a gentleman, and I extend it everyone. An act of kindness not always returned. Alas that is how it are so right on with this poem. Thanks for sharing Michael
ENOUGH SAID! thank you im goin home now! lol! this poem deserves a billboard and thts that! love the way u pen the way people [esp the so-called 'feminists', do they realise wat sexists n haters they r actually? ] deceive themselves by tryin to take away the very simple things tht made men men and women women! word
This poem was amazing, amazing I tell, I really loved it
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