A Genuine Experience

A certain robin used to come and visit me
When he roosted at the base of my neighbour's apple tree
Inside an old pail which has set round it's roots
Where this perky lad cared not two hoots.
His cheery song led the dawning
Leaving off abruptly to allow the others of the feathered tribe
To continue till morning
Because this rascal in through my bedroom window next would fly
To see what tidbits he could espy.
A top my dressing table on which lay a large hand-mirror round
With grated cheese placed on the reflection part to be found
Which also sported a soft stuffed bird and a chipmunk marker too
Both positioned as though eating this fame in full view
Which has always sadly disrupted when bobtwitts arrived full steam ahead
To spit peck and knock both about in sudden fit of sheer jealousy instead
Displaying a most baleful glare in his eyes which always seemed to say
Either clear off my pitch or end up dead!
Then after polishing off the food himself in undue haste
He would run along the top of my wardrobe overlooking my bed
Then finally fly down to the foot bed rail to show off his breast so sleek and red
With a most peculiar look which silently said, 'just when will you rise up sleepy head?'
And don't worry as I will come back again soon
So please just remember to replenish the cheese before leaving this room.

by Elizabeth Harris

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