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A Genuine Smile
( / Frackville, Pennsylvania)

A Genuine Smile

When an acquaintance asks you how you are,
And how you coped with a trying day,
Then think of all of your blessings,
And then in a gentle manner say -
Just fine - with a genuine smile.

The day may have been a little tough,
And many obstacles seemed to stay,
Show you've got a positive attitude
And answer in a positive way -
Just fine - with a genuine smile.

Many other people have problems, too,
As your personal life reveal.
A firm handshake may suffice
To help them gain confidence and feel -
Just fine - with a genuine smile, too.

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Comments (2)

Hi Joseph, Good poem. I Love your poem, It was really kind and warm, and the truth. I have not being seeing much of my friends the last year due to a depression. It was funny last night I had friends of the family over, Marie's husband father died, I invited everyone back to my house after the service. I was really surprised how everyone responded. I had hid away the last year from my own friends. They all offered to help me, and support me. I was stunned. I need my space a lot. I was over whelmed. I know what you now.
Very nice indeed. It's nice when it's a 'genuine' smile as a lot aren't these days. Sincerely Ernestine Northover