A Ghazal Tonight


Molting the mortal a soul smokes dripping light,
From this paradise to that of the sky;
Left is yours a crimson of mine tonight.

On a cold winter night it lies coagulated outside,
Dripping blood frozen bijou’s of might;
He retreats seeking pardon tonight.

Rubies dipped in honey sheen black, witness dolor,
Sobs blacken the moon, tokening demise;
And stars hum elegies canonizing the perished tonight.

Dismembered bullet torn is ne’er then afraid,
Inside his eyes diamonds wine;
Witnessing martyrdom tonight.

My ecstasies melt ornaments tied in my hands,
Shouldering torment ends, am free without a pass;
A vagrant prisoned, disenthralled - roams shepherd tonight.

This lodged bullet my last pain melt the snow,
A soul tired is set free;
And thee O Tabish of candles dissolve white tonight.

by Mohammad Tabish

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A pure rhyme! Great poem.