(14 January 1953 - / Lucknow / India)

A Ghazal - Traveller O!

Traveller O, why your feet have halted there?
Your terminus is still nowhere near.

Hear the brook that goes on singing in the woods,
See the clouds that go on sailing in the air.

All who came to see you off were not your friends,
Some had for you neath their sleeves daggers bare.

Thank them all alike and wish a happy life,
God Almighty high above takes your care.

Make some music with your footfalls on the road,
Milestones that lie ahead would like to hear.

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Comments (2)

Beautiful ghazal indeed. A pleasure to read.
traveller still truges the path onto the finale breath when flows by the plexus of life and living time and space yet unconquered primed cuckoo`s song still heard embarking upon the mile stone..............excellent poem by imagery., yety ingeniously lucid, 10+, thanks for sharing