MN (11-08-1970 / )


wake up my friends
from your sleep
or you going to weep
all your life,
look right
get ready to fight
for your right
for my right
our children's right
look left,
stop this immoral theft
of your dreams
my dreams
our children’s dream
wake up my friends,
from your sleep
that is so deep
you don’t hear
or see
what they are
taking away from
you, your pride
dignity, and self-respect
stand now and get
ready, to fight
for what is right
just fight,
fight, fight, fight.....

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The title grabbed my attention. The body soft soaped my soul with love. Thanks.
Thanks Mary! I'm not a crying kind of guy, but right now I have tears so thick I can hardly see the key board. I can't explain it. I just guess it takes women some time, but some finaly get it. Alaska
Mary, This is just marvelous, I loved every word. It made me go back and think about all of the gifts my husband ever gave me (and trust me- there have been some doozies) . It took me a long time to learn how (ok I'll say it-how GUYS!) think, many guys anyway. You got it exactly right; I am sure you made his day when you went back and thanked him. This is the kind of stuff that keeps marriages going. Good for you! Blessings- TGR (Theresa) - proud owner of a cushioned toilet seat (for my first mother's day-gotta love him-lol!)
Dear Mary I enjoyed this very much.How easily misconstrude things can be. We've all done it.What an honest reminder of ourselves. Thankyou Love Duncan
Seriously, I'm lucky if I even get a phone call from the current boy, I emphasize boy, I might be seeing at the time. It's wonderful that you realized the real meaning behind his actions. A lovely piece.
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