A Gift For A Friend

The mirror of my soul
Reflects a thousand spirits.
I stand in the void,
Grasping to find
The lonely image
I call myself.

Without you,
My friend,
It is futile,
I realize.
Without you,
I blind myself
To the good in me,
Nauseated by the bad—
You stomach the bad
And feed me the good:
You make me whole again.

And therefore, friend,
I give you whatever I can
In this solemn oath:
I promise you not
Food aplenty
But always a seat
At my table.
I promise you not
Perfect answers
But always an ear
Ready to listen.
I promise you not
To make life perfect,
But always to live
Life with you.
I promise you not
But always to show
The beauty ephemeral
In every day.
This oath I swear to you,
And with it, give
My most gracious thanks.

by Adam Maruyama

Comments (1)

Really good poem, Adam. I especially like the first stanza. Powerful stuff.