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A Gift From Heaven
AS (22nd February 1957 / Orange, New South Wales, Australia)

A Gift From Heaven

Poem By Alison Smith

They were created with perfection
But arrived before well baked
Sent to show the way
Searchers of another day
Nestled in our hearts
Never to be forgotten
Drawn now into dream
Revel in the knowing
The angels of adventure.

Arrived as a calm against the storm
Opening the changes around
They escaped this reality
Leaving a message of trust
Treat the coming for what it is
And explore the dream
For they where a gift from heaven

Simple the delight they gave
Melting the hearts around
Into sleep now taken
These tiny infants of the dream
They herald the changes within.

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Comments (11)

I read the other comments in hopes that someone knew what this poem was about, because I had no clue. As I understand from the others its supposed to be about angels. I read the poem a couple more times and all you need to do is assume the angel reference is a metaphor and you've got a different poem. I suppose the others are right, but no one should ever have to spend any time at all doing this. That's the obvious problem. I won't even mention any others. That one is really big.I'll give it a 6. GW62
Alison, this poem was a pleasure to read.
Almost angelic in its beauty, I'm glad I got to read this.
yes angels were here before God made the world, satan was in heaven at that time, before him and the other angels were thrown out of heaven after adam and eve sined. this was a great piece you wrote.
Duncan- I believe that perhaps the angels were created by God and arrived before the Big Bang theory or (the creation of the universe) . The angels might have been created before and far away before the big bang creation of the universe. Or the angels have been created and arrived before the end of the world and it's universe sending bad men and women into Hell with the Devil to be well baked. God bless all poets-MJG.