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A Gift From Me And My Ex's
TR (1995/08/19 / limpopo)

A Gift From Me And My Ex's

Poem By thabang ramafhi

I write this letter to let you know,
about the gift I've entrusted you with,
You gave me a gift of you heart,
and now i had broke it,
but i give you a gift that can never be broken.

a gift that is valuable,
and will always be available,
a gift that is durable,
a gift from me and my ex's.

A gift that you can never,
cash in, in a pawn shop.
A gift you can never forget,
a gift that you can share with others,
but you will still have your portion.

A gift from me and my ex's,
im letting you know that clothes,
, cars and things you love the most,
your going to forget about them.
All you be thinking-off,
is how to maintaining the gift i have given you.

A gift from me and my ex's,
a gift that runs in your veins,
you may have forgotten about
your previous lovers,
but you wont forget me
for i have given you a gift i can never take back.

it is not gold, diamonds nor pearls,
but is a gift from me and my ex's.
Soon the gift will manifest
in your life, you will get weak
dull and sick
all i can say is take the doctors prescription
a gift from me and my ex's

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