A Gift From The Giver?

Some would stare at this barren page and it would make them quiver
Not I, I see the thousand or so words it could be
Some seek wisdom to possess it's fruit
Not I, I long to nurture the mighty knowledge tree
Some see love as a gentle river
Not I, I see the wide expense of an endless ocean sea
Some see my vision as a great gift
Not I, I know the full weight it's burden has tolled upon me
Some will be content to wade in love' gentle river
Not I, I long to swim to the banks of love's endless sea
Some will opt to bask in the enlightment of the great question
Not I, I seek to linger in the shade knowing the answer of the knowledge tree
Some face tragedy and in their despair cry out why
Not I, I know to well that what will, will sure be
Some will read this verse and think we vain
Not I, I know that this gift was but bestowed by the giver upon me
Some will foolishly long to covet this gift
Not I, I know the loneliness of seeing clearly that which others can not see
Some see life as a long meandering river
Not I, I know it's but a solitary rain drop leading toward eternity
Some will pray to the giver for this gift he has bestowed upon me
Not I, often wonder just who peaceful blindness could be

by James L.Tashoty

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