A Gift Of Spring

It snowed today.
Not the snow of white
But a drift of petals pink
Like a flight of pillow down.
Each soft palm,
Landing on my soul.

by douglas lewis

Comments (7)

A well texted and nicely thought out poem. A work of art. Thanks for sharing.
Soothing image. Lovely piece.
This poem soothes the heart of a reader with its snow soft touch. Thanks poet for this great poem. 10+++++
Lovely poem tracking seasonal change from winters to the spring having its soothing impact on human psyche and spirit. Thank you, douglas.
I like the sound of this poem. The lilt of the words very much has the feel of the tiny disintegrating blossoms of a fruit tree on sunny spring day with a gentle breeze. It is soothing and calming. Until the petals land on the soul. Sorry, for me that's an overused and hackneyed poeticism that comes quick to hand but needs to be rejected just as quickly for something as equally real and palpable as the petals. YMMV.
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