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A Gift To All Women

He thinks he's a gift to all women at least that is what he believe
But thought has proved him wrong as usual for himself he only deceive
The most narcisstic person that i know himself he does only delude
Most women do not find him attractive and his chat up lines to them seem rude.

The bloke he has got a big ego and that is not a healthy thing
He feels so superior to others and his own praises he always sing
In ways i do feel sorry for him since a tough enough childhhood he's had
But so too did so many others in life one must take the good with the bad.

He has found God but when he reads his bible to it's lessons he can't seem to relate
Though he likes to tell all who listen of his amazing gift of faith
He likes to have power over people yet his own life he can't seem to rule
His tongue one might say is quite caustic and with his words he can be cruel.

Old enough to have sense one might say though some they do grow old but not wise
He thinks he's the World's greatest person the one who believes his own lies
He likes to quote lines from the bible but 'tis not by good example he lead
His ego is over inflated and lessons in humility he need.

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