An Empty Threat

Poem By Robert Frost

This is a poem
about a girl; to sad to give a f***
she tries finding it,
but she's lost all of her luck...
she's treated like s***
by all the people surrounding her...
she's finding lifes to hard
and its difficult to keep going
for her heart is far to scarred...
for this girl is all alone
no shoulder to cry on,
no home to sleep in
her parents are saitans' spawn!
they drive her insane
make her put needles in her vein
after going to the hospital
for taking to...many...pills...
they take away the one thing
that keeps her here,
the one thing that steers her in the right direction
her friends.
uh, attention
ladies and gentlemen
can someone please mention
that this girl deserves so much more
that she does not need to
starve herself for control
but no,
this girl only gets...cold stares
bare faces showing no affection
her questions
are left unanswered
why? !
she askes herself everynight
becasue no one... listens
her parents fight about money
'honey lifes to hard to go on with'
she says, trying to laugh
but really behind those hazel eyes
she cries
wanting someone to just say
'hey i love your smile'
but no
instead they call her names
they think the way she dresses is lame
they make fun of her individuality
they make fun of her...
so she just...


Comments about An Empty Threat

hey, I realy like that poem. IT's very emotional but its true. Nice write!
Thanks for sharing your poem i can feel the emotion in it. Hugz! ! CC
I really enjoyed reading ur is very emotional and i can tell it came from the heart =)
Very powerful, intensely sad poem. Thank you for posting this. I enjoyed the read. L&T
Sara, i have a goose bump reading this. i know you will go so far with your talent.Please write more, you've got the talent, you're oozing with loads of talent! you can express very well..i am really proud of you, my dear..This is a wonderful job of yours..Bravo! Love, Meggie

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