A Girl

There is a girl who I hate.
There is a girl who has blue eyes.
There is a girl who has blonde hair.
There is only one person I hold this hate for.
And that girl is the girl in the mirror.
The one who everyone thinks is perfect.
When she herself doesn't even think she is.
She asks herself why?
Why me?
She asks them that too.
And still not an answer she wants to hear is told to her.
She tells herself she is not pretty.
She asks and they tell.
They tell nothing but lies.
Lies they think they can say and not have her get hurt.
The truth she knows.
The simple answer might hurt but,
really why not have the truth instead of another lie.

by Kelsea Osterman

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Comments (8)

A mirror poem, reflecting its soul only light touches its crystal surface! ! ! Well written, , I really like this poem...
Looks to me like beauty has found beauty....the real thing..... Way to go all you who speak these beautiful and wise things to another beautiful young lady within our midst. Love to you all. This is beauty Jim Troy
Always love urself for you, and not what is on the outside but what is on the inside, you cannot love anyone else fully until you love who you are
Being beautiful dosen't mean you have to look like a Super-Model. I think that if you have intellingence, self-confidence, sense of humour and always being smart, you're beautiful. And besides, you're still young. Have a nice day. B.B.
a struggle between one's own scarred image and her true beauty.... sometimes you can learn more from a lie than a truth, and I leave that with you
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