A Girl From The Boland (Free Verse Sonnet)

(for Annelize)

The High-veldt is beautiful the sky is open and blue,
I wonder if you from the Cape will be able to settle here,
where thunderstorms do come in the late afternoon
as I have entrusted our love to God
and where daily I see the hot summer
I do constantly think of you
and although my days do quickly run past
love is not something that does fade away
and A. G. Visser had been right about A girl from the Boland
where as a human being and woman you are far past just pretty
and it's not only the walking away, the coming in and coming along
that makes you exceptional,
your humanity does constantly beat in my heart
and I do want to have you in times of joy and happiness.

[Reference:"Waar ou Heidelberg hang aan die Suikerbosrand" (Where old Heidelberg hangs on the Sugar-bush hillocks)by A. G. Visser.]

© Gert Strydom

by Gert Strydom

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