A Girl In My Life

Poem By Victor Osorio

Is there a family in my future?
I have no girl to love
I have no girl to make me smile
I'm still growing up
Life gives me enough to deal
When I finally think I found her
For me, she just doesn't feel
My everyday problems distract my heart
Now im getting older
A family is what I need to start
But I don't want to rush things
I mean that would be wrong
We need to find eachother
I've already waited long
Maybe she doesn't exist
A girl in my life
Maybe theres no such list
Alot of people end up alone
Having loved and lost
For me
I can't miss what doesn't love me.

Comments about A Girl In My Life

everyone feels that way in their life when they think that there's no more to the world..but hey as melissa said you do have a long way to go..maybe that girl is waiting at the door but its jus it takes time for you to find that right door..i hope you will find what you are looking for soon :) ...great poem Sara
damn this poem was good, ur better than me.
omg i know i have a long way in fron of me but i feel the same way and hey you also have a long way to go.. Love Melissa

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