(Jan.10 1985 / Martin, Kentucky)

A Girl In The Corner

Ignore me.
I do not realize-
I have absolutely no poise
and I have no ties anymore.
For no one can be trusted.
Will they all turn by me?
Assist me.
I am just a girl in the corner,
alone in her own miserable company.
And aching,
Deeply into despair-
Why do they stand by each other?
Leave me.
I want to have meaning too,
may be then I will find another.
And may be then I will prove it to them.
Will I spoil the standing somehow?
Stop me.
My imaginings are gone,
they flew out the window.
And I hear the odium’s bell-sweet release.
When can I get theses similes out of my skull?
Remind me.
I can not handle anymore dismissal.
I think that I will just lie down and sigh-
And perhaps cry with a bit more emotion.
What makes my mind so lacking in the finding?
Fake me.
I find myself wiping off the stares.
I hear the mutterings which only I can comprehend.
Words no longer spoil anymore.
When did the line end?
Lose me.

“The itsy bitsy writer crept
downward come the hand and scratch the fire out-
And circle a round the rhyming- the eroding, pocket filled of posers—

Do we all dropp down?

Ignore me.

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Comments (2)

or I was in a sad mood. You see the original was called Alone I sit alone, in a desk by the corner. No one sees me, Yet, I'm there Heads turn, but not in my direction moutsh speak, but not to me. people will see, but they still don't see me. Now, its time to go Tears are wept, but not for me. Goodbyes are said, but they are not for me They laugh with joy, I've known only sorrow To me it is all one dream where I wonder if someday they'll turn and just see me' Strange...I hate revisions, Today I like this poem better than the girl in the corner.
I found this one to be hard to revise. The orginal was a lot more 'woe is me' And I wanted to portray the girl in the corner as losing her grip on sanity yet writing still writing revision after revision... and changing only her mind with each imagined put-down.