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A Girl Like Me
EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

A Girl Like Me


I wonder why I can't die
Cause I'm filled with pain
Broken all over the place

And I'm still here in this flesh
Still moving when I should be six feet under

I tried hard to die but I'm still here
Knowing no one will miss me
Even though I wish he would miss me

Cause he meant everything to me
I wish he knew the way I felt

But he never will
Not till the day I die
Even though I have tried to tell him

I don't think he would ever love a girl like me
A girl who wishes she was dead

A girl who is broken inside and out
He would never love a girl like me
Therefore he can never know how I feel till the end of my time

January 6,2008

Not good i know but who cares

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......self-indulgent, badly written rubbish!
A sad poem from one so young with unrequited love a very good subject you can feel....when Mr Right comes get ready with the magic carpet....... regards
A grl like u is one of a kind, there will always b someone that actualy does care for u. Keep on keep'n on home grl, Hippy Sav
Now don't say that. I thought your structure was just fine. Structure makes a poem easy to read. That's what your poem was. I enjoyed reading it so much that I actually wanted to read more. Your message was clear and sincere. I could feel the heartbreak. Just a wonderful writing. GW62
young lady. some lucky fella woudl be just lucky to have you as his bride.