! E N T H U S I A S M

I love the old Greek view –
within each of us
the god lies sleeping;
a sweet sleep, full of refreshment,
as snug as a bug in a rug
or Arthur, all his knights around,
under the green hills of Avalon;

we, each of us full of all Olympus;
gods, sleeping as a mother does,
always an ear for the slightest sound
of those they love;
the gods love us,
how could they not

and of those slightest sounds
it’s fire – the fire of speech –
that wakes their might;
they love a stirring speech

and in an instant,
throw all their mighty powers
at the service of the things we truly love –

so, as they work their mighty work,
may go without sleep for days,
drink only the sweet water of our love,
move heaven and earth
to please what pleases them and pleases us;
the good; the true; the beautiful;
how their eyes shine.

sleeping too,
between the pages of the dictionary
and our routined life
is the name by which we call them from their sleep;
the name which they themselves
then roar out a thousand stirring times as loud;
the name by which we know ourselves,
know us as they, and they as us

and as they stir in us
we know ourselves as gods

there is not one of you, of us, who does not know
and recognise its name; our name;

the god within

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (7)

A poem with a difference and it felt beautiful.
love your poems and this one is the best. that girl is very lucky to a guy care for her.
I thank you for allowing me posted it to my blog, because that is very nice poem! as I used it to my lovely daughter Nisa. Regrets that I'm not kind a good in written a poem... but Nicole, she must be very lucky daughter...: -) Kind regards, Tita & Nisa
Very nice. I see that came from the heart your a lucky man to have a girl like that
that is so nice! i love it..a very lucky girl she must be to have a poem written about her! a very good write Kind regards Sophie
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